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ISMT St Salomon University prepares industry skilled individuals who provide solutions across the region and beyond. Our professional programs provide students with engaging classroom experiences, cutting-edge research opportunities and experiential prospects in both rural and urban settings.


ISMT St Salomon University Professional, and Intensive programs build your skills and knowledge so you are ready to take on problems, and provide solutions in the real world, We aim to get to know you, and then help you find your personal road to success in the fastest way possible.


ISMT St Salomon Vocational & Technical Institute offers a variety of programming courses Each course requires basic computers skills. The courses included: Programming Language C, Programming language C++, Visual Basic, Java scipt, Java Web Service, PHP, mySQL Database, Database management in .NET Application ISMT St Salomon Vocational & Technical Institute offers you versatile web designs courses from the elementary to the advance skills. Each of the courses includes working in a program from adobe package. Each course requires basic computers skills. Web Design course offered: Adobe Dream weaver course framing (Elementary Advanced), Adobe flash course training (Elementary Advanced), Adobe fireworks course Training, Adobe Wed Design package course Training, Adobe Web Design package course training (I & II)


In our word today there is a rise in a safety issues. These issues can stem from the outside or from the inside, and there are numerous reasons why we are at risk. Nonetheless, there are possible solutions which can reduce those risks, making citizens have safe feelings, one of which is installing video surveillance. Being a complex job, proficiency is required and there is a high demand for people in this field. This Is why ISMT St Salomon Vocational & Technical Institute incorporated this course into this Institute programs. Trainees are introduce to the rudiments of the trade, camera models and installations, and other components used in installations of video surveillance . At completion of the course, trainees will receive a certificate, valid for employment and career achievement.